We remember people. But more than that, we remember all the little things about them. Even if we stopped talking to someone or our fondness for them turns into despise, we don’t forget them, nor the minute, intricate details about them. We remember all that is there to them, and that’s how we remember them.

There’s this girl in your class who is your staunch enemy, yet you’ll always remember the way her brown hair curled down at the end of her ponytail. Their’s this senior in your college with whom you’d never had a conversation, but you’ll always remember the light stubble he carries. You have been upset with your bestfriend for weeks, but you remember she prefers Oreo shake over cappuccino. You haven’t met your cousin in months, but you do remember the way she poses in pictures, even for family photographs.

So what if you and your neighbour haven’t had a hangout in three years, you’ll always remember her favourite ice cream flavour. You fight with your mother quite often, but you remember the taste of her aloo paranthas so distinctly that even the finest of dinings haven’t been able to replicate it. You’ll always remember the husked voice of your grandfather calling your name when he was working in the garden.

You’re bitter from the memories of your first breakup, but you’ll never forget the particular scent of his cologne nor the way his dark eyes sparkled even in the dim light of the auditorium. Your ex cheated on you and you hate her for good, but you’ll never forget how her lips curled up when she was late for your first date, or that in the selfies she sent you, the terrible lighting in her room didn’t matter anymore.

There’s this guy you’ve always had a crush on but he’s seeing someone else; you’re the one who remembers how his face lights up when he sings his favourite line of that particular Coldplay song. There’s this guy and you both are somewhere between friends and lovers; you’ll always remember how he pronounces a particular word or how the sound of his laughter is so soothing to your ears.

So you see, we remember people in ways they don’t even know they’ll be remembered. Even in our most mundane, monotonous ways, there’s always someone who remembers us, no matter how well we know them or if we ever meet them again. We don’t stop being important to people, we just start being a little less important to them than we were, and even if we do, they remember us. We might travel across a million miles and gazillion galaxies, and yet there’ll always be someone who’ll remember us, in ways we didn’t even know we’d lived.

We all leave a mark in some way, you see?

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