I was on Cloud 9 that night when Jennifer was trying to hide her blush and in a low voice she spoke those magical words, ‘I’m pregnant!’

Kids are angels that God encloses in the most beautiful gift wrapper and sends via the most sacred place on earth. The day I had met her, the second thing I told her after I love you was that I want lots of kids. She laughed and said, ‘Seems you are jealous of my curves, Mark!’

However, when our gynaecologist reported that there were twins waiting for us, my dreams had begun. The clothes, the color, the cradle, the toys, the diapers, the milk bottle, the vaccinations, the first walk, the first finger hold, the first words, the first smile.

Anxiety was in the air. Emotions were on a high. Every day seemed like a month and I just counted your calender days and crossed them and rejoiced.

I had decided to give the best of everything to Jennifer. Oh, she looked more and more gorgeous as the B-day drew closer. My soul was so happy that day seeing her surrounded with a gamut of gifts on the occasion of the baby shower. We used to guess everyday as to who will it be.

‘A boy and a girl!’ I used to say. ‘Twin girls, Mark!’ she used to reply.

That period brought us closer than ever. May be that’s the reason pregnancy is considered as such a beloved journey. It kills me to read about abortions and the way the gift is sent back to God saying, ‘We’re not interested!’

The auspicious day finally came. It was 3 in the night. The drunk taxi driver was speeding rashly. And after that everything changed!

Unfortunate! Yes, that’s the word I use for myself. I never heard my girls cry or saw them smile. All I heard was silence! I tried my best to erase the memories, thinking I never saw them, but can we forget someone who we haven’t met? I never will.

Today, as I put flowers on two small graves, all I crave to hear is just one word – “DAD!”

– Sohel H. Merchant