Dear ex,

There’s a list of things that I want to tell you. But I can’t, because as always, you won’t understand. You won’t get my point and instead start to argue on some irrelevant topic.

So what if we’re over, I’m still a well wisher. I don’t want another fight, trust me, I’ve had enough. Life isn’t always kind, and I sometimes miss you. But I want you to know something, I’m never going back to you again. It doesn’t make me hate you, nor does it make me bitter. I still respect you as a person. Kindly do not make me lose that image of yours.

Please don’t spread shitty things about me. Please let me live peacefully. I don’t owe you my life. I don’t hate you, no, not yet, so don’t make me do so.

I hope you have a great life ahead. I hope you become successful. I hope you get all that you’ve ever desired.
Take care, and yes, fall in love. The world is beautiful. Cheers!

With love,
Someone you’d dated.

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