Before I could board the train I had to make sure my phone was charged. My phone’s power-bank was charged. I double checked if I was carrying my earphones.

The train was on time. A couple with two kids was sitting in front of my berth. One kid’s head was shaved. The other one had a missing tooth. Soon, the train was moving at full speed. The sound of the moving train has something that makes you feel sleepy and bored. The family started to eat.

I lied down and started to scroll my Facebook feed and check my text messages. To my surprise, phone’s network was still with me. And Internet speed was good as well. Full marks to Jio for that. I streamed some songs on the train, then watched a few videos on YouTube and then I tried to sleep.

Image credits: Parth Shahanand

I don’t remember when I slept. But I do remember that I was woken up by the noise of people who were going to stop at the next station. My stop was still an hour away. This was supposed to a ‘tech-free’ weekend.

I was looking out of the window. Trust me when I say this, I could see farmlands and mountains everywhere. It was literally in the middle of nowhere, so to speak. And the network was still here.

I plugged in my earphones and streamed Kabira. This song is close to me for reasons unknown even to me. I don’t know what but this song always manages to soothe me.

After 3 songs, 5 YouTube Videos and 15 minutes of checking Facebook feed, my station was about to come.

I put my stuff together. Almost ready to stop.

Image credits: Parth Shahanand

“Call your parents and tell them that you’ve reached safely.” my grandma said.

I called home. I told that I have reached. I was done quickly. Grandma talked to my parents for another hour. (Side effects of unlimited calls, I tell you.)

I remember coming here when I was twelve. There was one pay phone in the entire locality. And now, while on my way, I overheard people saying, “Send it to me on WhatsApp.”

Image credits: Parth Shahanand

My Internet is working as if I am still at my office and checking e-mails and browsing the Internet. After I had some food, I went out for a while. Something caught my eye. It was a board of a school which also had facilities of what they called “Educational Videos.”

After talking to the person in charge, I got to know that because of Jio they can now play videos of relevant topics from YouTube and kids love it. This really surprised me and made me realise how the world has become one global community.

Image Credits: Unsplash (Pixabay)

While returning I thought I should get some sweets for my grandma (She loves them a lot.)

The shopkeeper looked at me and said, “200 rupaye, bhaiya.”

I took out my wallet and offered him a 500 rupee note. He looked at me and gave an expression which basically meant, “I do not have change.”

We were in a fix. He smiled at me and said, “E-wallet me transfer kar do, aap.”

I smiled at him.

On my way back, I kept on thinking about the effects – the good effects of a connected India where everyone is growing. That too, at the same pace.

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