Picture credits: Unsplash and Stefan Kunze

Picture credits: Unsplash and Stefan Kunze

No good story ever started with, “So I caught a train on time.”

She is a type-A person.

Clean corners, lined up plates, colour co-ordinated clothes, and a life set in order. She follows rules to the T, she’s punctuality personified, and she’s all things right and fair.

She follows a pattern.

Her life revolves around the chores she has to do, the work she has to take care of, and the set amount of socialisation she has to perform. She detests people of ‘the other type,’ who are stupid and laid back and don’t really give a rat’s arse to time. She has OCD. But…

She fell in love with me.

I’m a mix bag of emotions and flurried words all over the place. I’m everything that she’s not, and we’re nowhere even close to being similar. But we just… fit. My jagged ends fit into her crevices to complete a beautifully weird puzzle. We chase clouds and sing when they rain. We dream, we talk, and in the intervals, we tangle ourselves up under one bedsheet and gaze in each other’s eyes till the end of time.

She has never missed a train till date… until today.

We dress and rush to the station, checking our watches, a fistful of hurried steps and loose change, almost sure that she’ll miss the train. She was trying to make up her mind for the inevitable during the journey. But by some stroke of luck, we reach the train station, mere minutes to spare. Standing outside the arrivals gate, she stood opposite me and looked in my eyes. I will never forget the look those beautiful orbs held then.

She drew out her ticket and tore it in clean halves.

I was bewildered.
Then I was angry.
Then I was sad.
And then it dawned upon me. She missed her train on purpose! FOR US! She wanted to spend some more time with me than a half day of food and cab rides. In a second-long motion of her hands, she made my week-long pleas to the universe come true.
One more hour together.
One more hour of her glorious smile.
One more hour of those enchanting eyes.
One more hour of my salvation.
The tearing of that piece of paper splattered more colour on my grey wall than it had ever seen.

She missed her train for me.

The Gods of Fortune must surely be feeling extra generous today!