She stroked my cheek, her neatly shaped nail softly scraped down my neck, leaving a pale streak behind that smudged with my black skin and faded into nothing, like a color dissolving in absolute black.

I turned around my chair and looked at her: her soft gaze never fluttering, and her eyes ogled around the lacking lids—I did a peerless job, and she had my attention just fine. Her smile precisely curled and spread—a pin pierced just through the cheekbone and extended further through the earlobe. Always smiling. Her tiny teeth always standing out. I remember our last kiss—the one where I ate and swallowed her tongue.

She held out a crisped paper that read: HOW DOES IT TASTE?

My tongue hissed out, and I was now certain that I had a total lack of fine lips. I curled my tongue back—just where my upper lip should have been—and tasted dried blood. My blood. The pain was lamenting, but the wounds were fresh.

“Feels fine,” I tell her through my lipless mouth, the sibilant s lost from the words. I may have sounded a little thrush. “Just fine.” The fricative f lost out of fine.

She held another paper in front of my eyes: WILL YOU DRUM YOUR FINGERS FOR ME?

I smiled at her. Her lidless eyes were singed with hopefulness and expectations. I couldn’t disappoint her.

I rested my hands in front of me—on the table—a soft muffled, yet thudding sound filled the gloomy room. I smelled our dinner—a rat—being frizzled on the pan. Delicious.

I drummed my fingers on the table. The tips sloshed against a small pool of thick liquid, and soon I realized it was my blood that was dribbling down my fingers. Although, I could hear the faint drumming sound. She hadn’t pulled off all the nails, after all—just my index and middle finger. She is so generous.

We are so perfect together. I wanted to stare at her pretty eyes without the blinking, thus she let me cut out those eyelids. And when she couldn’t find a reason to smile, I put on a permanent one for her.

But I had flaws, too. I was a harsh kisser and very rough while fingering. Thus, she fixed these little issues just fine.

My fine girlfriend.