Isn’t it strange?
Isn’t it strange?

How everything I think about connects to you towards the end and yet how disconnected we are right now.

How a year back, the moon was one of the reasons for us to continue talking and now it’s just one of those things that remind me of you

How there was a time where you told me you are trying to ignore that girl because you just probably didn’t like her that way or whatever and how now I feel that I’m that girl.

How you were never only a friend and yet I could never call you mine?

How we pretended to be friends back then and now how I pretend to be your best friend.

Isn’t all of this strange? It’s not that we don’t talk anymore, it’s not that we don’t care anymore but tell me one thing – Was it necessary for you to make me feel that all that was one sided? Was it necessary to make me feel like an option?

Maybe you will ignore this too like the messages and calls and just pretend to be busy. So I guess I have to answer the questions all by myself.

Yes, it’s all strange. And I guess I will never find an honest answer from you. So this will be my last goodbye to those probabilities and what if thoughts.

To the one who was almost mine, maybe?

Sent to The Scribbled Stories by Kajol Shah