This is an Open Letter to all the shy singles out there, to the extreme introverts and to the ones who have trouble expressing things out loud.

It’s fine that you don’t know how to start a conversation or how to talk to a stranger or how to ask someone out.
It’s really okay if you don’t want to socialize or you need to get drunk to socialize.
It’s not odd that you find it easier to express over texts, messages and post rather than in person.

It’s all fine as long as you are not letting this inability to express slip into some dark corners of your mind.

Image Credits : Andrew E Weber (StockSnap)

Image Credits : Andrew E Weber (StockSnap)

You need to know you’re important for you to exist.
Everyone who exists has a purpose to fulfill, even if you don’t know it yet.
No, I am not gonna lecture you on the positivity of life any more than one sentence that I said above, for you value life and moments more than anyone else, cause you get to enjoy very little of those.

This is more of an assurance that things are going to be alright, very soon.

Don’t think that you don’t have a soulmate or a lover, because you do.
Just because no one calls you ‘baby’ every now and then, doesn’t mean that no one is going to.
Just because you don’t have someone to wake up to every morning, doesn’t mean that the other side of the bed will always remain empty.

Just because you don’t have someone special doesn’t mean you never will!
Just Because you haven’t said ‘I love you.’ yet, doesn’t mean you never will!

Image Credits : Ben White (StockSnap)

Image Credits : Ben White (StockSnap)

I know about the lonely nights, the single-valentines day’s breakfast and the voids of celebrating alone.
The desire to get warm hugs when you have just lost a business deal or a dance competition, the assurance that things are going to be alright from that one person who makes you forget about all your worries.
The morning kisses and silly fights, the wait to see your partner in the evening and the will to carry random gifts for them.
I know you desperately want all of this and you will have this and a lot more, soon.

You will find someone with whom you can connect and have intimacy.
You will find someone who will look through your wall of pretensions and gaze at your soul.
You will find someone whom you want to protect from so much as a scratch and that mere thought of losing that person will make you go weak on your knees.

You will have a better half and that significant other is going to love like you have never imagined.
But for good things take time and great things come to those who wait, you will have to wait a bit more. just a little bit more.

Image Credits : Jan Vašek (StockSnap)

Image Credits : Jan Vašek (StockSnap)

But in the meanwhile, you have yourself. I know this sounds consolingly condescending but just let me explain.
Until that special one comes along or you stumble upon the extraordinary in your ordinary routine, why don’t you make yourself better?
You have 100% of yourself to you, you don’t have to worry or care about anyone and most certainly don’t have to give a part of your focus to someone else, so I suggest that you reconstruct yourself for a better version of you rather than just waiting.

Make the wait worthwhile, if not for you then for your future partner.
For they deserve a better version of you and you need to start working on that right now.
You are strong and resilient in more ways that you have ever thought of.
You do have the Midas’ touch.
You possess the love you have been saving all your life and that’s something you should be proud of. I mean it.

Someone is going to see all that you have been saving and will be happy to have it all.
Your strengths and flaws, your traits and morals, your habits and poor choices, that person will love you for all of this. All of You.

Image Credits : Ismael Nieto (StockSanp)

Image Credits : Ismael Nieto (StockSanp)

And let me tell you that, that someone is going to make you vulnerable and strong, simultaneously.
It’s a good thing, don’t step back when it happens. Don’t be afraid of falling, for you’re not going to hit the floor. (Most Certainly)

Until then, Don’t beat yourself with overthinking. 
Don’t lose hope.
Don’t lose faith.

Don’t think the wait won’t be worth it, for I am telling you it will be worth every second of your loneliness.

Don’t think you will never be able to fill the void.
Don’t Give up on your future partner.
Don’t give up on happiness and above all, don’t give up on love.

Don't Give Up On LOVE Image Credits : Greg Rakozy (StockSnap)

Don’t Give Up On LOVE
Image Credits : Greg Rakozy (StockSnap)