Pain is a bitch, it comes and breaks your heart,
It stinks badly, worse than a fart.
Crying becomes you prayers, tears, your GOD,
You just feel going some far, somewhere abroad.
Your love becomes your enemy, happiness becomes curse,
The relationship gets bad, in fact from bad to worse.
We don’t deserve that someone, we say,
God call me, I don’t want to live, we pray.
Love takes a backstage, Friends seem like everything,
You see your fingers and wish to take out that ring.
And finally when you see your love like an opponent,
GOD comes in picture to remind you about a simple thing called MOMENTS!
The time you had your breakfast tea,
The time when you discussed how girls pee.
The time you made love in parking zone,
The time you were so excited and just moaned.
The time you played chess and won,
The time you showed your middle finger like a gun
The time you came to a dingy, congested, crowded place,
The time you felt you were in heaven and space.
The time you kissed and hugged,
The time you talked nonsense and never got bugged.
The time you received a romantic song,
The time you said the lyrics were wrong.
The time you cried while laughing like hell,
The time you felt his arms was your dwell.
People die, time gets finished and everything ends,
But Moments lives with you like your best friends.
Now it’s up to you if you want to jump off the cliff and die,
Else you can simply scold your PAIN and say FUCK OFF, GOODBYE! 🙂