Pain embodies itself in our very being. And as our hearts grow, it changes. From physical to emotional. Bruised knees give way to broken hearts. But pain is really a manipulative entity. It can never be fully erased from yourself. It will manifest in form or the other.

Emotional pain sometimes serves as the gateway to mental pain. The worst of all. Because mental pain has one final level, giving up. If mental pain succeeds in overpowering you, then it won’t take long for broken hearts to turn into slit wrists or gagged throats.

So celebrate pain, appreciate pain, drink, cry, sing, and dance with pain. Sleep in pain, fly in pain. Because heaven knows if there’s any other entity capable of controlling your entire being. It’s the way you take it. Give in to it, and your life will be forgotten in minutes. Live with it, and you’ll never need another reminder of being more alive.

Pain fills, and empties, depending on which way you hold the glass.