Tell me about that time when you first learned to drive, while we are hurtling through the forest in your 4×4, your expert hands guiding the wheel effortlessly. I will listen to you as intently as a child who’s seen a car for the very first time.

Tell me about that song you love by Pink Floyd but no one else knows about, while we are lost in the haze of our own making, dripping vodka and speaking hashish. I will croon and groove with you as passionately as the surge that goes through a musician on stage.

Tell me about that one book which breaks your heart no matter how many times you read it, while I write poetry on the way your hair stays on your head, wavy and reflecting the sun as if solid whisky. I will read Hosseini to you all night till you cry yourself to sleep.

Tell me about that one night when you couldn’t sleep for no apparent reason, while you were tangling and untangling yourself in your own sheets, a distant worry playing in your mind like a tornado with no danger to hit your ship. I will take you in my arms and speak about nothing as we wait for the sun to rise.

Tell me about that one girl who broke your heart, while we are lost in each other’s bodies, kissing away each other’s demons. I will love you to the end of time, as if there was no end to it.

But more than anything else that sparks your mind in this wide universe, tell me about the way you fell in love with me, while I was trying not to drown in your eyes, black as the vortex that pulled me into it. I will gladly walk with you, hand in hand, to the ends of the earth.