You might be surprised to get this email from me, all of a sudden; when we have not spoken for so long. How have you been? I wish I could have asked the question in person, but circumstances do not allow me to do so right now. You may even wonder why I am sending you this email, well the truth is; I am sending this email to a few close friends and relatives with the hope that they realize how important they are to me. I guess, this is just my way of saying ‘thank you’, to the few people who have touched my heart in different ways. You, are one of them. Thank you, for giving me the love which I was not asked to earn. Thank you, for having faith in me, without me requiring to prove it to you. And thank you, for the many happy memories I now carry, which I did not ask of you.

I have so far, lived a content life. At times, happy; and at times, sad. But I have been content with the knowledge that I have had the good fortune of meeting you, of talking to you, and of enjoying a conversation with you. Sometimes, life does not pan out the way we want it to. Sometimes, it brings with itself numerous hardships and failures. But you, have risen above all these and given me hope as well. What would we be without that hope? If only, I could have done the same for someone else. Maybe I have in some small way, or maybe I have wasted all the positive energy I received from so many different people.

As I look out of the window from my desk, where I am typing this letter to you; I see the sun about to set, with it’s brilliant colors. This reminds me so much of the days of youth when I was carefree and arrogant to a fault. The reddish hue reminds me of the smear of emotions that I felt then, and which I feel even now. Perhaps, it is fitting that the sun is setting as I write this letter to you. Soon, it will be dark, and the stars will come out. I will get to glimpse the majesty of the cosmos and feel once again how small I am, compared to the vastness of the universe. Sometimes, I wonder, what would I be remembered for? Will the people forgive my transgressions? Will you, forgive my misdeeds? Will there be a happy memory of mine, when I leave? I think, probably there will be. And that though, brings in a smile.

Thank you, for reading through this. Thank you, for your patience with me. And thank you, for keeping me in your thoughts from time to time. I will not be audacious enough to ask you to keep me in your heart. As I said, I am content with where I am.

With my love and best wishes.

P.S. I apologize in advance, I might not be able to reply to your letter, if you write me one.