Finally! The winter is here and suddenly i feel home again.
This winter makes my town look beautiful.
The streets reek of silence, mornings come at will and the cold, the cold seems familiar.
The crop fields in the back are now covered in white snow, seems artistic and fragile.
So serene that it’s almost impossible to describe it in words.

This White Silence makes me calm.
This White Silence somehow makes me feel secure, less lonely and comfortable.
And in this white silence, with a little help from my imagination, I erase everything else from the picture.
Everything except my feelings and a few thoughts.
I make myself a cup of Ginger tea, pick up the old blanket and sit beside the window, a pure perfection indeed.
I could spend all day looking at these fields, thinking nothing! Thinking everything!
My mind keeps changing the picture because in this perfect and ordinary world of mine, I am all by myself. I am all, but myself.
When I touch it, a thousand crystals explode, dancing into the wind and at times, that’s enough joy for me. Just Enough to get me through the day.

Source : StockSnap

Source : StockSnap

So Beautiful, yet so cold. This beauty, I wish to share it with someone.
One who would like to listen to it with his arms wrapped around me.
But just like the other ones, it’s a wish that won’t come true, at least not today.

The birds came home and the dusk is here, but you, you didn’t come.
I go back to bed as usual except this time i’m a bit more cynical, a bit less caring.
But I am still here, at least the part of me that survived today.

And once again, I’ll see tomorrow morning in all hope and will.