Sophia was dressed in a terrific black, backless, velvet gown, the one she always craved to wear. Her face had the charm of a princess. Everything was supposed to be perfect about that night. However, she…was no more…

It was back in 2012 when she had cast her magic spell on me. Who wouldn’t notice a smart, cheerful, pretty girl, taking part in all the college activities. There was a not a single guy left who wouldn’t have observed her. I was no exception. Her straight hair, long face, curvy lips, puffy cheeks, ring on the nose, Bindi on forehead, everything about her was near to perfect. She was the topic of discussion everywhere.

It started with social networking, wishes on Diwali and Holi, some smileys here and there and then soon the chat box was replaced by face to face talks. God knows what she saw in a spoiled brat like me when one evening she quoted, ‘I think I’m in love with you, Vivaan!’ I couldn’t help, but hug her tight. My world was complete.

But you know what, when your partner is beautiful like a goddess, you can’t help, but protect her from all the evils around you because in today’s time, people don’t care if a girl belongs to someone or not. They will anyway stare and dishonor your love at every step she takes.

Slowly I became possessive, then over-possessive, over-protective, over-caring. I would be with her at every place. I wouldn’t leave her alone anywhere. I would look out for all the faces that would turn to her and confront them on their face. I couldn’t bear anyone ogling at her. My mind automatically started functioning like a freakish maniac.

She loved wearing casual shirts tucked in denims. I told her to replace that with salwar kameez and a dupatta. She agreed. I told her to be alert every time when she was out. She agreed. I told her to stop wearing heels as that would produce sound which in turn would attract attention. She agreed. I told her to remove all her pictures from different social networking websites and never to display pictures of her. She agreed. I told her to stay away from girls who were over friendly. She agreed.

The more she was changing herself for me, the more my insecurity and frustration was killing me from inside. My love for her was making me mad. She understood, but I was never contented. She was too innocent to live in this filthy world. I was getting mad and unfortunately, I was sensing it.

It was her birthday on 22nd July. We had planned a perfect evening, but I was not keeping well. The headache had gone from bad to worse. I slept and saw something horrific.

Sophia was circled by a group of strangers, standing at a breath’s distance from her. They were touching her inappropriately and savagely assaulting her. Then they slowly undressed her and she was looking at me in vain. My legs were stuck on the ground and everyone was one by one taking undue advantage and butchering her.

I woke up helter-skelter with my heart pulsating beyond normal speed. I was bathing in sweat. I opened Whatsapp and saw that all my contacts’ icon had Sophia’s naked picture. I banged my phone down and left my house. Every person on the road was staring and laughing at me. They were wagging their tongues and giving cheap looks. My head was blasting like a volcano.

I reached Sophia’s apartment and opened the door. I saw the same backless gown I had seen in my dream and slowly some strangers started coming out of her room and kitchen and circled around her. The dream replayed and my knees became weak.

I had lost it by that time. My senses had stopped working. I wanted to get rid of Sophia as soon as possible. With a fist of fury, I rushed and caught hold of her neck. My eyes were spitting blood and my body was full of poison. I pressed it as hard as I can. I couldn’t see anything at that moment. Everything had become dark and it was after a minute when I finally opened my eyes, Sophia was dead in my own hands.

The voices faded. The stares disappeared. The comments ceased to exist. My heart came back to normal. Headache miraculously vanished. I saw her and was shocked to see her in a white Punjabi suit that I had gifted her a month back.

I didn’t wish to kill her. Who does? I don’t have any justification to hide my crime which my crazy mind compelled me to commit. I loved her. She was my everything and I will regret what I did with every breath I’ll take. I’m sorry. Please forgive me Sophia. Forgive me.


P.S. The judge heard his testimony and sentenced him to lifetime imprisonment with five years in a mental asylum. However, Vivaan Sharma died of a heart attack in two years. 

Some love stories indeed don’t have a happy ending!