When somebody casually asks us,

How are you? How is life?

Our instant reply will be “I’m fine, life is good.” But is that an honest answer?

I’ll let you be the judge.

Further, when they ask if our life is progressing according to plan?

Silence is possibly our best answer. Silence speaks volumes, doesn’t it. Our silence isn’t any different from theirs or anybody else’s for that matter. Behind every silence, there is a reason and behind every reason there lies expectations.

I know that you had drafted a master plan, and a backup plan for life. Perhaps, there was also a 2nd backup plan, in case the 1st backup plan failed. On a generalized note, I suppose the master plan would be something like : finding love by 20, degree by 22, master degree by 24, dream job by 26, marriage by 28, a big house by 30, world tour by 32, first kid by 34, investment plans by 36, second kid by 38, millionaire by 40, billionaire by 50, retirement by 60, and so on, until the scheduled death at 100*. Wow, wouldn’t the Gods envy this life? On a hypothetical note, consider this brilliant plan was executed to utmost perfection. Can you guarantee that you have lived a life of peace and satisfaction with zero regrets?

Now try this. Plan to laugh, plan to cry, plan to crave for chicken nuggets and plan to erase that annoying song stuck in your head. Can you do that? Take as many chances as needed until you learn to appreciate the beauty of serendipity, mystery of destiny, bliss of uncertainty and limitations of being a man.

Tell me, while watching your favorite movie for the second time, would you enjoy it as much as you adored it during the first time? No? What might be the reason for this disappointment? Doesn’t this comparison have the similar trait of disappointments as leading a planned life with programmed actions from cradle to grave?

What were you smoking when you believed that your life would unravel itself, just like you had planned it? Stop contemplating your life for a moment. Pat your back and feel proud of yourself for making it this far. Please understand “Life is simple, but living makes it complicated”. I know the struggles are real, but keep in mind, “Everybody has their own battles to win. Nobody leaves the battleground unscathed without tasting blood”

When things aren’t working out, its common human behavior to doubt the path you are on. But remember, standing still won’t get you anywhere either. So start taking one small step at a time, you need not run to reach your destination. It’s completely okay to walk, jog, limp or even crawl to reach the finish line. No one said anything about life being a 100m sprint, right? Life is more like a marathon actually.

If at all we have learned anything valuable from books, movies, schools, friends, elders, infants and most importantly from our life experience, isn’t that “Life is something that happens to us, while we are planning for it” but still, why do we build hopes on futile fantasies? only to be pinned down by the sheer weight of our own expectations. All our puny plans made in the sands of time, along the shores of our lives, will be swept away by the waves of change and set the natural course in action for the greater good of all.